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Our Services

We specialize in offering the following services to clients. Each client’s requirements are unique and we believe in creating a customized solution and scope of work for each client that will include a few or several of the following areas of work.


Strategic Communications

Strategic communications are geared towards supporting long and medium-term goals of organizations and involves a holistic and cohesive communications approach wherein we consider all aspects of business and operations, key business and organizational requirements, stakeholders and desired impact. Stakeholder mapping and management is a key aspect of strategic communications as is research-based strategy and planning. The plan often encompasses several aspects of communications and the goal is to deliver tangible impact and results. Sometimes, strategic communications can also be deployed to address specific requirements that may be immediate and require urgent attention.

Corporate Image Building

Image building aims to position organizations in the desired light lending credence and weight to their business operations and positively influencing their relationships with all their stakeholders. Some of the activities that can be specifically planned include leadership profiling, speaker opportunities, guest columns, profiling best practices, achievements and wins, special events etc. Sponsorships can also be explored to reach out to specific target audience groups. It also includes Industry Representation i.e. membership of all key associations for the company and participation in relevant forums such as committees, sponsorship of conferences and events and speaker opportunities. Thought Leadership and Advocacy is also an aspect of image building whereby an organization seeks to establish subject matter leadership on aspects related to its business.


Public Affairs & Government Relations

The goal is to assist clients in building positive relationships with people who impact the environment within which they operate and indeed create the regulatory, fiscal and legal framework for their business and operations. We envisage this as a multi-faceted activity wherein we work with different departments and levels of government; with legislators, opinion leaders, influencers and civil society groups depending on the requirements and specific issues to be addressed.

Issues and Crisis Management

This involves keeping an ear to the ground to identify and track the development of issues impacting the organization, which has the potential to develop into crises or significantly affect business. Depending upon the issue we are dealing with, different strategies are deployed including a diverse range of activities such as one-on-one meetings with key influencers; development of white papers or relevant content; monitoring perception; intelligence gathering; strategic media relations; creating a body of opinion, etc. Intelligence Gathering, Research & Analysis is a key aspect of this that requires keeping an ear to the ground to learn about the evolving body of opinion, thought, action, or initiatives amongst key stakeholders. This is conducted through regular conversations with key people, analysis of press reports, published papers or studies by other organizations or groups, dipstick surveys, or more structured perception audits.

We also assist clients with creating a Crisis Preparedness Plan, identifying all potential crises and managing plans for the same. The exercise includes the creation of the Crisis Communications Manual including identification of potential crises, stakeholders, training for teams, the definition of resources and infrastructure and procedure for handling crisis communications.


Financial PR

The objective of Financial PR is to ensure that the financial stakeholders of an organization have the desired understanding and appreciation of an organization’s financial performance, especially publicly traded companies. The team at ENGAGE BCW has valuable experience in the area of financial communications having worked with several companies in the financial sector. We assist clients with managing relationships with investors and financial stakeholders through planned and effective communication of results, important business developments and new initiatives. We also have the expertise for the preparation of Annual Reports and organizing investor briefings.

Internal Communications

Internal communications are the process through which organizations share information, motivate and build commitment with their employees. We assist the human resource function with internal communication programmes that commence with an audit to determine gaps and needs based on which an internal communications programme is devised and can include internal launches, internal newsletters, annual day events, CEO Communiqués and other internal communication activities.


Social Responsibility

We assist organizations with a complete range of services related to CSR. Ideally, we recommend that clients undertake a strategic view to this aspect that encompasses all their operations and activities and not view it primarily as ‘charity work. It involves sustainable operations, humane people practices, ethics, corporate governance, and giving back to society. We assist organizations with vision and planning as well as the execution of CSR programmes. This includes partnership building, putting together programmes to be executed by third parties, monitoring progress and reporting.

Consumer and Brand Communications

We work with clients’ marketing departments to maximize customer outreach and plan targeted and focused activities to promote products and services. We work with clients at all stages of the product life cycle. Services within marketing communications include brand launches, product launches, product/service promotions, customer relationship events and programmes. Brand sponsorships are also effective in building brand awareness and relationships.


Public Awareness & Community Outreach

This aspect of our work covers communications for public interest campaigns or those seeking a behaviour or attitude change among the general public versus promoting a specific product or service. The scope of such campaigns usually extends across urban boundaries to rural and countrywide audiences hence the choice of communication messages, language, and tools are determined by demographics such as literacy levels and cultural orientation of the target public.

Media Relations

We believe that media relations are a means to achieve an organization’s communication objectives rather than an end in itself. Our approach is not to communicate to the media, but rather, to communicate to the client’s target audiences via the media. This fundamental distinction, in our view, is the key to achieving communication goals. We have a strategic and qualitative approach to media relations and we include a wide gamut of media and communication vehicles in our plans including print, electronic, radio, digital and social media. We also focus on urban and rural reach depending on client requirements. Tools deployed include opinion editorials, white papers, workshops for journalists and leveraging media celebrities, in addition to all the other regular media relations activities. Our media associates are all former journalists who have established strong interpersonal relationships with various local and regional media.


Online, Social and Digital Media

Today, the internet and online information-sharing platforms have taken precedence over traditional media in many ways, with news and information reaching millions within hours. We assist clients with leveraging online platforms to build reputations and promote products and services. We have in-house resources that track and manage social media platforms for our clients.

Content Development

With our in-house editorial and design team, we have the capability to develop a wide range of communication materials for clients. We can develop these for print, electronic viz. video and online applications. These include press materials, editorials, news articles, speeches, white papers, presentations, newsletters, supplements, brochures, flyers, documentaries, videos, branding materials as well as promotional materials.

To deliver the best value to clients, we have partnered with Tek Productions and Brand Metrics who specialize in photojournalism, documentary production, audiovisual films and media monitoring respectively. We also work with Qube for social media. Since these firms are specialists in their field, they enable us to provide a much higher quality of service to our clients.



We believe that Sponsorship is a communications/marketing activity that seeks to establish a deeper association between a brand and its target audience by positioning the brand in a new light. Given the unique capabilities of sponsorships to develop your brand, as well as the potentially significant investment it takes to exploit and maximize this benefit, it is critical to take a thoughtful approach to the sponsorship strategy. This should include a well-structured and articulated strategy that is explicitly linked to the business and brand objectives, ensures that property decisions are made based on objective criteria, and allows for well-measured and thoroughly analyzed sponsorship investments so that future decisions can be data-driven. Although sponsorships are playing a much more prominent role in marketing strategies and budgets, they are still strategically underutilized. Companies can forge more emotional and valuable relationships with their best customers by thinking outside the box and creating unique and memorable experiences from the assets that may already be available through corporate sponsorships and partnerships. We assist clients in developing and leveraging the same.

Event Management

ENGAGE BCW specializes in conceptualizing, planning and executing special events of a very high standard and quality. These include presidential events, high profile events involving business leaders, ministers, heads of state and global personalities; as well as local level events and promotions, across the country. Services for events include the compilation of guest lists, advice on chief guests and guests of honour, the flow of events, venue, venue arrangements, speech writing, preparation of materials and overall programme coordination. Events could include those for relationship building or launching new initiatives. Special events provide opportunities for corporate profiling and positioning, relationship building with key stakeholders and media relations resulting in wider coverage impacting all the target audiences of the company.


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