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Our Services

At Engage BCW, we know that each client has unique requirements and as such, our team is always immersed in creating customized solutions and scopes of work tailored towards meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.
We have roots in:


Strategic Communications

We are because we communicate and engage. Organizations whose roots are anchored on communication outlive the taste of time. We help organizations with policy-making and guidance for consistent information activity within and between them through integrated (marketing) communication, organizational communication, corporate communication, and institutional communication.

Corporate Image Building

Image is the Reputation is the cornerstone of power and the existence of any corporate. Engage BCW is able and capable of helping shape the corporate’s image to change, sustain or maintain how its products and services are perceived by outsiders in an organic way.


Public Affairs & Government Relations

We assist clients in building positive relationships with people who impact the environment within which they operate and create the regulatory, fiscal and legal framework for their business and operations.

Issues and Crisis Management

A sudden and significant negative event can bring an organization that took years to build to its knees within minutes. Poor crisis management can make it even worse. When it comes to crisis management, Engage BCW is the last line of defence that will put itself in the line of fire to keep you going.

We help our clients come up with a crisis preparedness plan, identify potential crises and management plans, and help them deal with a crisis that is already full-blown.


Financial PR

We assist clients with managing relationships with investors and financial stakeholders through planned and effective communication of results, important business developments, and new initiatives. We also have the expertise for the preparation of Annual Reports and organizing investor briefings.

Internal Communications

These are processes through which organizations share information, motivate and build commitment with their employees. We audit and determine gaps and needs based on which an internal communications program is devised through internal launches, newsletters, annual day events, CEO Communiqués among others.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We know that no business operates in a vacuum and that great businesses are those that give back to society in any way. We help businesses and organizations form a bridge between themselves and the communities/clientele they serve by providing them with vision and planning in the execution of CSR programs.

Consumer and Brand Communications

We work with clients’ marketing departments to maximize customer outreach and plan targeted and focused activities to promote products and services through various communication channels such as active and physical activations through events and shows, mainstream and social media.


Public Awareness & Community Outreach

This is communication for public interest campaigns or those seeking a behaviour or attitude change among the general public versus promoting a specific product or service. We help our clients come up with the choice of communication messages, language, and tools that will segment demographics depending on the target public.

Media Relations

Our approach is not to communicate to the media, but rather, to communicate to the client’s target audiences via the media. This is the key to achieving communication goals. We have a strategic and qualitative approach to media relations and we include a wide gamut of media and communication vehicles in our plans including print, electronic, radio, digital, and social media. We also focus on urban and rural reach depending on client requirements.


Online, Social and Digital Media

Today, the internet and online information-sharing platforms have taken precedence over traditional media with news and information reaching millions within seconds. We assist clients with leveraging online platforms to build reputations and promote products and services. We have in-house resources that track and manage social media platforms for our clients.

Content Development

We have an experienced team of senior editors that help our clients come up with press materials, editorials, news articles, speeches, white papers, presentations, newsletters, supplements, brochures, flyers, documentaries, videos, branding materials as well as promotional materials.

We have partnered with Tek Productions and Brand Metrics who specialize in photojournalism, documentary production, audio-visual films, and media monitoring respectively. We also work with Qube for social media.



We believe that Sponsorship is a communications/marketing activity that seeks to establish a deeper association between a brand and its target audience by positioning the brand in a new light. We help our clients in taking a thoughtful approach to the sponsorship strategy.

Event Management

ENGAGE BCW specializes in conceptualizing, planning, and executing special events of high standard and quality. These include presidential events, high profile events involving business leaders, ministers, heads of state, and global personalities; as well as local level events and promotions, across the country.


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